Obsolete, use MEF or an IoC container.

Project Description

Small Plug-in Manager, written in C#. Allows a project to define supported interfaces, and at runtime add plug-ins which implements these interfaces.

Please feel free to use the code, but bear in mind it was written as a small programming exercise to see what a plug-in manager may look like.

The solution contains 2 projects
dbones.Plugin – This has the TinyPlug, the plug-in manager (Contains all the classes required)
dbones.Plugin.Test – All the unit tests for this project (not many, but it covers 80% of this tiny codebase)

Requires .Net 3.5


  • Manages multiple interfaces
  • For each supported interface, it can have many associated plug-ins
  • A supported interface can have a defaulted associated plug-in
  • Creates an instance of a plug-in on request (sorry it does not cache the instance for the singleton pattern, but you can implement this and send the code to me)
  • A plug-in can be registered for a single interface
  • A plug-in can be registered for any supported interfaces it implements

Quick Intro

For now look at the Unit Tests to get you started

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